Chudlen - an effective method for rejuvenation and loosing weight.

As said in «Four Tantras»:

«Chudlen are very useful: they prolong lifespan,
support at the age of blossoming and maturity,
gives shining and activity for the body, gives  clarity for sense
organs and memory, gives sharpness for the mind, gives
sonority for the voice, gives satisfaction for the passion.»




Chudlen, བཅུད་ལེན་ is a 90th Chapter in The Oral Instruction Tantra from rGuid – bzhi , “Four Tantras“. it describes methods for rejuvenation, decrease of sexual function, restoring of reproductive ability.

Similar method exits in Indian Auverda, where it is named “rasayana”.

There are two types of Chudlen : spiritual and medical. Spiritual Chudlen is mostly for practitioners, yogis, they use it during retreate. Medical Chuden can be practicised by common people.

Chudlen practice, as other Tibetan Medicine methods, is individual according to person’s constitution, health condition, age, energy. The physician make a diagnostic in a usual way – by pulse, urine analysis, interrogation and then make an individual Chudlen composition. The base for Chudlen in most cases is Ghi. After preparation, Chudlen must be empowered by chanting mantras.

Before intake Chudlen, a person must prepare his or her body. To control rLung energy, first we make oil procedures: massage and internal intake, warm perinatal area and the whole body. Then purigative procedures: sauna and purgative medicines.

In “Four Tantrs” there is a recommendation to intake Chudlen during seven days, but five, three or even one day of this practice could dramatically change the state of the body, rejuvenate it. During those period, food is excepted, but you should dink more.

In fact, Chudlen practice is a healing through fasting, when prepared and purified body intake a proper medicine according to it’s needs. That’s why Chudlen practice is so effective. Weight loosing in this case comes as a natural.

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