External Procedures

Being prescripted in a right way, External procedures are quite effective. In compare to medicines external treatment effect comes faster. When disease seems complicate, both methods, medicines and external procedures bring good result. External procedures are described in rGuid-bZhi, commentaries for it and other reliable sources as one of sufficient part of a common treatment.

Here are the short description of some external procedures.

For treatment and prevention in TTM the are four methods: Diet, Lifestyle, Medicines and External procedures.
In “Subsequent  Tantra” of rGuid-bZhi there are  external procedures:

Chapter  20: Bloodletting
Chapter  21: Moxibution and heating
Chapter 22: Compresses
Chapter 23: Medicine Bath
Chapter  24: Massage
Chapter  25: Acupuncture and other invasive therapies



bloodletting points

Bloodletting points.
Ancient illustration.

Bloodletting is recommended for mKhris-pa diseases healing.

There are two types of Bloodletting: ” big” and “small“. “Big bloodletting ” means the procedure of cutting the vessel connected to the determined disease, in his case the essential amount of blood could be released.

“Small bloodletting“ is more common in a usual practice. Several cuttings are made in a prepared area by a lancet, cups are used also.

Last case is quite similar to bloodsucker therapy.


Horme (Mongolian heating)



In Horme there are used small sacks, filled with mixed powder of caraway seeds and nutmeg.
These sacks are heated in a hot oil and applies at determined disease points.




Also in the East they still use hard moxibution, when burning sometimes leaves scar, we use mild type of moxibution: depended on define disease point is heated by a wormwood cigar without contact to skin during few minutes.
Method could be used together with cupping and/or needles.






Can be cold and hot for healing of hot and cold disorders accordingly.

Whatever imagined could be used as a compress, but, of course specially made compresses are more effective.

“Five amrit” compress is recommended for chronic hot disorders, old trauma healing, joints and spine treatment. This is alcohol compress with 5 herbs, packed in a sack. First heat it at steam, then put at sick area, cover with film and warm cloth and leave for 20 minutes. Compress sack can be used many times and should be stored in a refrigerator.


Medical Bath

Medical Bath

Medical bath can be as natural hot springs and also as prepared decoctions from herbs. Different types of Bath help in the case of various disorders.

The most popular Tibetan bath procedure is “Five amrit bath”. It is compounded from 5 herbs, taken in equal parts (mtshe-ldum, ba-lu, mkhan-skya, ‘om-bu, shrug-pa). Grounded mix from those five is cooked in a special way. This decoction is added to bath. There is also a steam “Five amrit bath”.

As usual patient needs few procedures.




Ku-Nye Massage

Ku-Nye Massage

Tibetan Ku-Nye massage is very popular.

Ku-Nye is not only a pleasant relaxation, but also a healing procedure. After massage patient feels much better, the mind is calmed, the body is rejuvenated, but the main point - is a strong therapeutic effect.




Tibetan acupuncture is very different from Chinese one.

Needles put on points on the body according to Atlas of Tibetan Medicine.

Acupuncture could be used together with heating, cupping and so on.



* * *


This is only a short list from variable procedures field.
The doctor has to appoint all procedures. There are contraindications.

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