(Fragment from  «Practical Maintenance on Tibetan Medicine lhan-thabs» by  Desi Sangye Gyatso, translated from Tibetan by Andrey Kosoburov, translated from Russian by Elena Shirshova)

First of all “take off a cold cover” from the hidden heat. When something is hidden, you need an informed person and a driver, those whom you can ask about the  hiding place and reach it, in this case you can find anything; so far, to heal this disease, you need a medicines obtaining three “features” –  ability “to reach the disease”, ability “to know the disease” and ability “to interrogate the stealer”. For this, in the case of  bad-kan and rlung existence prescript powder se-‘bru-4 during few days. Or, if bad-kan and rung accompanied with some weak heat - prescript composition from: cu-gang, gur-gum, li-shi, u-dpal, se-‘bru, pi-pi-ling, shing-tsha with warm water; then after you see that internal heat becomes harmful, give a compound from: tsan-dan-kar-po, gi-wang, ba-le-ka, gur-gum, ‘bras-gsum, bong-dkar, ba-sha-ka, u-dpal, ga-dur, sle-tres и tig-ta with addition of following depending on heat behavior: if heat is hidden in the heart – ru-rta, spos-dkar and a-ga-ru; if heat filled into kidneys, add brag-zhun and gla-rtsi, if heat falled into the stomach, add brag-zhun and gser-me-tog. This medicine kills heat inside and pulls heat outside, the best in the case of strong heat, win the hidden heat absolutely. Also the compound “Man-ngag-bsil-sbyor” is recommended. Whether disease is accompanying with a strong cold process, medicines “Cong-zhi-bsil-sbyor” and “Cu-gang-bde-byed-chen-mo” described in the fourth volume of “Four Tantras” would help without doubts.  If hidden heat features  found recently and this patient is still full of strength, so composition “Sman-ser” , “big” or “small” variant , taken in a small dosage would suit.

When, due to this healing, heat ,similar to ants running from their destroyed hill, will rush outside, at this moment  make bloodletting  from expanded vessels in the top or lower body and “clean” disease by laxative medicines “Ded-dpon” (see compound “The Leader of Merchant”, described in 14th Chapter 4h volume of “Four Tantras”) add ga-bur, tsan-dan, gi-wang;  if heat drops into bones, so appoint bath “Five amrit”;   if heat pulls into meat and skin, “extend heat together with sweat”, as it was told above; if heat drops into kidneys and into “internal channels” , so make "vessels cleaning”, described in 4th volume of “Four Tantras”; in any case “expel heat from it’s place”, the same way as when you open a window for the ventilation of smoked room.

In the conclusion it’s very important to “extend heat’s tail”, - in the contrary “the remaining heat” when meet warm conditions (in diet, lifestyle, medicines, external procedures) would make fire similar to as tinder meets spark. To avoid this situation, first support digestive fire with a powder made from gi-wang,  tsan-dan-dkar-po, cu-gang , gur-gum, li-shi, shing-mngar, rgun-‘brum,  dza-ti, pi-pi-ling, se-‘bru, shing-tsha and ka-ra ; use the cooling medicines described above “to completely take  heat’s oddments”; make bath from “hair of a castrated ram” ( tib. lug-thong-tsher-gyi-bal-tshi’i-chu-lums); give medicine oil from tig-ta, described in the 4th volume in “Four Tantras”; and as said above, recommend diet and lifestyle which do not arise heat. When you see there is no heat any more, cancel earlier recommended restrictions in diet, then free blood from expanded vessel connected to vital or vessel organ where disease dropped, then stop blood burning the secret points , in particular: -  in the case of hidden heat in the heart make blodletting from rtse-chung, lche-rtsa, thong-rtsa; - if heat dropped to the stomach, free blood from ru-thung and snod- ka ; - if heat comes in kidneys, make bloodletting from two vessels- byin-gzug and long-rtsa; after this stop blood by burning definite secret points.

Diet: experienced doctor would prescript rice, fresh beef meat, fresh butter and similar food which support force and at the same time do not arise heat.

Lifestyle: be calm and stay in a cool place, do not sleep in the daytime.

Those methods “will win a victory in a battle” with three types of hidden heat  , but be careful the disease can introvert into “cold” if you will not prescribe “warm” healing afterwards.

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