MATTM Training Aids

MATTM Training Aids
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Training literature MATTM can only be purchased:

  • By organizer of MATTM (SKY) in the quantity required for the course - at wholesale price
  • By MATTM teacher (SKY) - no more than 2 copies - at a suggested retail price
  • By a student of MATTM (SKY) - no more than 2 copies - at a recommended retail price

You should:

  1. By the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. send an order in which you should indicate your name, position in MATTM, the name and number of books or brochures.
  2. We will create an "individual order" for you, which you can pay in the online store A link to the payment will be sent to you in return.
  3. Please note: the warehouse is located in St. Petersburg (st. Karavaevskaya, 2, building 1, apt. 177). For buyers from St. Petersburg, you can choose the option "self-pickup", to other cities send by mail Russia. Shipping costs are calculated automatically when placing an order and added to the total amount of the order.
  4. Pay attention to the box: availability. The option "in stock" means that the parcel will be sent to you within 1-2 business days after payment. The option "printed by order" means that your order will be completed within 2 weeks after payment. Please consider this when planning courses!

Все представленные составы являются средствами народной медицины, изготавливаются народным целителем Ширшовым С.В. не являются лекарственными средствами и сертификации не подлежат.
Все оказываемые услуги являются народными методами оздоровления.
Услуги предоставляет ИП Ширшова Е.Г., ИНН 502478351246. Возможна оплата по беналичному расчету, закрывающие документы предоставляем.
Печатная и сувенирная продукция производится ИП Ширшова Е.Г., сертификации не подлежит.

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